KublaCon 2017 part 2

The adventure that I was to run was called the Red Pit which is found in the “Conan: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth”. I had spent some time looking at that adventure and found some major problems with the set up that they had printed. First off, the map was not as described by the text of the adventure. Second, I did not like the fact that the characters could start off as prisoners because to me that left out a lot of role play possibilities for the game. Therefore I made a map that was similar to a game I had seen on YouTube which I posted on Google plus. Red Pit Map  I recently watched a YouTube video of the same adventure done by another GM and he used my map. Generally in most adventures, characters are allowed to play with whatever class or race in the game, but in a convention game things need to be a more streamlined, so that you can get the game rolling faster, especially if you have to explain the rules.

Even though I had people drop out from the sign-ups I still had a full table because of alternates waiting to get in. I had a really nice room for the game session, so I set up my stuff and even a camera because I was thinking of videoing the session. ( you’ll find a link down below) I started the session by describing the characters in general terms. Some of the players I could tell they were real enthusiastic and they wanted to see the pictures along with the descriptions that I had prepared in plastic stand-ups.

Just the way they were talking about the characters and why they wanted to choose them, I knew I was in for fun game. In the short time that I started talking about the characters I had forgotten about camera. But one of the players reminded me and I started it. Battery problems prevented me from getting a continuous recording.


The main difference in the scenario I ran and the printed adventure was the group had been captured and were being transported to the Red Pit. This gave them time to talk to other prisoners and interact with their captors which allowed for role playing. I think also bringing them into the pit made it easier for them to understand how they needed to escape. I was never a big fan of the nemesis being nice to the player characters by giving them time out of their shackles as in the original adventure. The Red Pit is supposed to be a very  dire place. Fortunately, they realized that being placed into irons was probably the worst situation and that was their motive for escape.

For the most part, the game followed the adventure with the characters making it to the Eunuchs Ear and fighting their way up. One very fortunate incident was the archer taking away a bow from the enemy and using it quite handily. The great beast was not able to be as effective as I thought and so was beaten with all the characters cooperating in defeating it.

Overall everyone had fun and learned the new Modiphius 2d20 rules. I did have one person drop out during the game because he was too tired to continue. My brother who had joined to spectate took the spot and a friend of ours Phil filled the other vacant spot at the beginning which was very fortunate and just added to the fun. I ended the game with just a few enemies left as I thought that they would overcome them easily with just about an hour past scheduled end time.

Kublacon 2017 Conan RPG 2d20 video

Thanks to John H. Kim who provided the original descriptions of the barbarians to run the The Red Pit scenario this way.

KublaCon 2017 part 1

Thoughts on KublaCon 2017.

I decided on running two games for KublaCon, Thunderin’ Guns on Friday afternoon and Conan RPG on Sunday night.
Half the time I’m barely on time at a convention. I made it this time with about an half an hour to prepare for the first game, unfortunately the convention was not ready for me. This year game was going to be highlighted in the lobby area which is quite an honor. My brother and I have had a long time relationship with Jeff who runs the lobby area from our Live Acton Aliens game. So he was able to help out and getting me situated although it did put me behind schedule and people were showing up for the game. A couple of them were friends of mine, Bay and Kaui, so they didn’t mind waiting a little bit because they had been looking forward to playing. I had players that have never played before, but the game is not that difficult to learn, so they were shooting their irons along with the rest of them. Unfortunately one young man had very bad dice rolls and strategy choices and was put out of the game about half ways. As it turned out Kaui won the game with Gunslinger Jesse Short ~26 gun skill.

A second game was started since there was time enough for it. My friends Steve, Cathy and her son decided to join in the fun. Kaui decided that she would try to play the outlaw character Black Bart. It was definitely a drag out game with a never before Outlaw victory by robbery. It was funny to see that the players were trying to recruit the same NPCs and some decided it was too much trouble and ended up shooting them in duels.

Saturday I spent playing board games with my friends and family. I don’t recall playing anything new. So on to Sunday, I convinced Paul B. to play his game “American Legends of the West” along with Cathy M. and Phil E. it was primarily a card game, but the unique aspect of the game was that you created a history for your legend. In the rules, at the end of the game you should read aloud the events that happened during your character’s life. The only drawback, people may have playing this game, is that it takes a really long time to play, if you have not played it before.

Afterwards, my friends were going to play Lords of Water Deep, but I had to prepare for the four-hour game Conan RPG game I was going to run at six o’clock. I had not yet put together a map that I had done in poster format, therefore I had to find tape and place together letter-size map sheets.

Next up is the Conan 2d20 RPG game.